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Bulk Baby's Breath

Million Star is the most popular variety of this Baby's Breath. It has a slight scent and smaller clusters, in comparison to Mirabella or New Love Gypso. This variety works great as a filler and can be substituted with a variety called Funtime.


Mirabella is sometimes scarce depending on the season. It has medium sized clusters, larger than million star, but smaller than New Love. Mirabella can be used as both a filler or a focal flower for a bouquet. It can be substituted with Perfecta Gypso.

New Love is the largest variety of Gypsophila currently available. Its clusters can easily double the size of Million Star. If you are looking to use Baby's Breath as the main or only flower in a bouquet, this should be your choice. It can be substituted with Overtime Gypso.

Most florists consider Babys Breath as the ideal "filler" because it:

  • * Provides enough volume to any bouquet
  • * Has a long vase life, it is hardy, sturdy and easy to handle.
  • * Is available all-year-round
  • * Is not expensive

At you will find everything about Gypsophila, also known as Baby's Breath. This is a very popular, if not the most popular, filler flower among florists and designers.

Although Gypsophila is mainly used as a fillerlately it has also been used as a main flower for bridal bouquets, centerpieces and many other wedding arrangements. Baby's Breath consists of small clusters of white blossoms and it is cataloged into different varieties depending on the size of the clusters:

New Love Gypso

Million Star Gypso

Million Star Gypsophila
Mirabella Gypso

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Gypsophila - Baby's Breath  Quick Facts

Common Names: Baby's Breath, Gypsophila, Gyp
Botanical Name:  Gypsophila
Availability:  Year Round
Vase Life:  7 to 10 days
Description: Bunches of branches filled with dozens of small clusters.

‚ÄčAdditional Notes:
 Baby's Breath can be a very hardy, long lasting filler flower, but it is sensitive to ethylene, water stress and botrytis. Baby's Breath needs to be stored in high relative humidity to avoid stem desiccation.  Do not "mist" Baby's Breath as this may cause blossom browning.

New Love ‚ÄčGypso

Mirabella Gypso