Bold Statements

The wispy white look of this popular filler has been exchanged for a much bolder look. Many of today’s weddings feature gypsophila in masses: sometimes as the only flower in the bridesmaids’ bouquets to complement the brides mixed flower bouquet. Dainty blooms are also frequently used in large masses for stunning table arrangements, pew end decorations, groomsmen boutonnieres, arches, and even headbands have all been revolutionized with the comeback of these beautiful clouds of white blooms.

Mixing it up

If you still prefer a mixed bouquet over the single flower arrangement, baby’s breath still lends itself well to this option. Again, its style has been changed dramatically since the 80’s. Today’s arrangements often feature the blooms in tight bunches mixed with other flowers, rather than the more spindly, spread out look. In fact, some popular flower pairings include white lilies, white calla lilies, hydrangeas, roses, poppies, and ranunculus.

Learning the Types of Gyp

Baby’s breath is the most common name given to Gypsophila, which is a genus with more than 100 species or varieties! However, they are usually categorized in 3 large groups acording to their cluster size: Small, medium and large. In the United States the most popular varieties in the floral industry are: Million Star, Mirabella, New Love, Dynamic Love, Overtime, Funtime, Perfecta, among others. Each of the varieties are generally white, and are available all year round from farms in South America, Europe and California.

Gypso Headlines

Gypsophila has made some pretty impressive showings lately, most noticeably the “CoCo Chanel” theme wedding that Jeff Latham did at The Shilla in Korea. And of course, Martha Stewart Weddings featured a wedding which included our lovely white blossoms for the bridesmaids’ bouquets and stunning table centerpieces. To make your own Gypsophila headlines, Call Us and start your quest!

In this video shared by Ball Seed (one of the largest plant breeders in the world) we can learn more about the real deal with Gypso.


"The Most Popular Filler of All Time"

When it comes to flower arrangements or bridal bouquets, let us introduce you to one of both florists and DIY Brides favorite friends: Baby’s Breath. Now if that just filled your head with visions of poufy peach dresses and bouquets filled with a mixture of roses and stringy white flower filler, allow us to revamp your thinking. Gypsophila, which is more commonly known as baby’s breath, has made a well-deserved comeback in modern weddings, and with a stunning new look. If you are looking to buy bulk Gypso call us or click here.


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